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Daniel Stone – Life Is But A Dream- GNG #13

Daniel stone’s life quest has been to understand his ‘dreaming’. As a child, his dreaming experience at night was more real than his experience in the day. In order to try and find the bridge, he explored psycho-therapeutic theories (in particular Carl Jung) and artistic movements (painting, music, theatre, literature).

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Sim Suen – The Universe Always Provides For You – GNG #09

Sim had been down the path of what most people would regard as the path of success. Getting good grades to a good job in a major bank to being a well-liked good person and to top it off, a good relationship. All this took a turn when the life and identity she had built came crumbling down before her eyes.

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Michael Zeller – Grow Your Business By Aligning To Your Higher Purpose – GNG #06

This serial entrepreneur has made over $300 million over the last 10 years, with over 15 different businesses in a variety of industries, from real estate, fashion, automotive, to digital marketing and high-level entrepreneur masterminds, you name it, Mike is into it. However, everything turned pear-shaped when his business empire starting crumbling down around him. His sense of success and identity is being eroded away.

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Tom W Green – Breakthrough Beyond The 4D Matrix With Mindful Growth Hacking – GNG #05

A person that defeated death and has been in the after-life. Goes out the “university life” at the age of 16 and enters the entrepreneurial world. Being able to “work” even just 6 weeks old. A born entrepreneur and dubbed as “All Around Superstar Who Loves To Have Fun”, Thomas W. Green is a person with too many labels to name; Entrepreneur, strategist, thought leader and Motivational Speaker.

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Anil Gupta On Losing Millions $ To Finding True Happiness 😊 – GNG #03

From being an Optometrist practitioner, Anil Gupta resigned and enter the world of the stock market and then failed. Then he ventures on real estate and failed again until the only solution he has in mind is to commit suicide in order to escape the humiliation from his peers on his identity collapsing. It was at this moment that he feels futile and helpless but ironically, it is also at this moment he found the missing piece for his success that he is enjoying right now.

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Shayla Humphrey – Overcoming Mental Illness & Healing – GNG #02

Depression, anxiety, PTSD, being bullied at school and feeling of unworthiness were all the things that Shayla had to battle with that eventually lead her into taking her own life on multiple occasions. During one of her suicide attempts, she became unconscious and journey into heaven. This is where she encountered guidance from above that changed the course of her life forever.

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