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Mariah Brown – How To Surrender In the Face of Crisis – GNG #26

Businesswoman and restauranteur, Mariah Brown, always knew she wanted a life extraordinary. Little did she know her curiosity for food would launch a whirlwind adventure. With no restaurant experience, Mariah would up and move to Maui and open Da Kitchen, the first of what would become a trio of multi-award winning destination restaurants.

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Pauline Nguyen – The Way Of The Spiritual Entrepreneur – GNG #23

Pauline suffered a childhood mired in trauma and abuse; the ability to work hard literally beaten into her. After co-founding the world-famous Red Lantern restaurant, Pauline was working up to 100 hours a week. Thin, burnt out, and suffering from stress-induced alopecia, Pauline knew there had to be a better way – and set about her own venture to uncover the secrets to both business prosperity and a thriving spiritual practice.

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Guru Singh – Discovering The Buried Treasures Within You – GNG #21

Electric, vital, and vibrant, Guru Singh is a celebrated third-generation yogi, master spiritual teacher, author, and musician who gracefully brings ancient spiritual practices and philosophies into the now with ease, humanity, humility, and a healthy dose of humor. He fuses Eastern mysticism into Western pragmatism in an accessible and transformative way.

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Daniel Stone – Life Is But A Dream- GNG #13

Daniel stone’s life quest has been to understand his ‘dreaming’. As a child, his dreaming experience at night was more real than his experience in the day. In order to try and find the bridge, he explored psycho-therapeutic theories (in particular Carl Jung) and artistic movements (painting, music, theatre, literature).

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Sim Suen – The Universe Always Provides For You – GNG #09

Sim had been down the path of what most people would regard as the path of success. Getting good grades to a good job in a major bank to being a well-liked good person and to top it off, a good relationship. All this took a turn when the life and identity she had built came crumbling down before her eyes.

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