The True Power of THOUGHTS: Destructible To INVINCIBLE

In this awakening video of Dr. Bruce Lipton, he tells us the true science of our body. Who’s the REAL culprit that makes us sad, depressed, happy and loved. He profoundly explains it so everyone could grasp the idea that he wants to deliver and inject into our minds.

A great philosopher once said “The Field Is The Sole Governing Agency Of the Particle; The Energy-invisible field shape matter ” by Dr. Albert Einstein. What he means by that is our physical life/body is controlled by that atom-field. We see physical people as machines since we were building out of million cells interconnected with each other. Today I debunked his theory, it is wrong, we are made up of vibrations and in layman’s term, thoughts. It is the building blocks of humanity. Watch the whole video to know how this vibrations/thoughts shape our daily lives. If you love this video, don’t forget to subscribe. If you have similar stories or you want to request something from me to work on, please let me know in the comment section. Cheers!


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