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Earth is the TRUE Heaven | Reprogram Your Brain Using This Technique!

In this video, you will learn a lot from Dr. Bruce Lipton’s virtual reality spin as he say’s “You will wake up every day with the glory of being in the most spectacular planet and the ability to create life”. In a thorough manner, human consciousness describes exactly the nature of self-awareness, a person’s ability to experience and feel, an ability to perceive one’s environment, feel such sensations of pain and suffering, this is how consciousness works. We are the creators of our fate but our mind was being slaved by our thoughts, so we must free our minds so we could be able to create a good future.

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5 Ways to Keep Employees Happy

When we think of ways to keep team members happy, it’s easy to get carried away with ‘perks’. For example, Google’s corporate headquarters is famous for providing perks such as massages, medical care onsite and dry cleaning. While these are excellent benefits to have, when Google interviewed their employees, it found that team members valued things like having managers that took a genuine interest in the lives of their staff and being allowed to express themselves creatively.


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Why Wait for Happiness?


I sucked at school. During my school years in Hong Kong I always found myself at the bottom of the class. It wasn’t until my grandmother took me to Australia that I started embracing my entrepreneurial skills and was eventually introduced to the Internet. My journey from a young and impressionable student to Chief Empowerment Officer for E-Web Marketing  was recently featured in Australia’s Largest Chinese Magazine, New Land Magazine and I would like to share with you excerpts from my story. To download the full article click here. Read More »