Gary Ng

Speaking Engagement

Gary Ng is a renowned business speaker, entrepreneur, and CEO and founder of E-Web Marketing, a multi-awarded Sydney-based company that is powered by HSF – Happiness, Success and Fun. Armed by his experiences on achieving success his own businesses, Gary engages audiences with real-world business expertise that could fill your next conference with actionable takeaways.

Speaking Engagement

Discover how Gary’s commitment to happiness, success and fun (HSF) has guided him in consistently growing and motivating his business team. Get his insights on how to turn around negative culture, increase employee morale and make everyone on your team wake up each day with a newfound sense of purpose, happiness and fun.

Speaking Engagement

Witness how Gary Ng anchors an engaging presentation that suits your organisation. Gary customises his presentations to suit the specific needs and challenges of employees and audiences, and lead an interactive discussion whether it is about communication, leadership, office culture, marketing, business growth or other work or business related topics. If you like to enquire about hiring Gary at your next conference, please contact here.




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