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Ten Tips for Canton Fair First Time Visitors

For Australian online retailers, a trip to the biannual Canton Fair in Guangzhou, China, can be either a lifechanging business opportunity or a logistics disaster. The fair is located handily close to Australia, but it’s there that the convenience ends. Canton Fair is the world’s largest trade show, with over 23,000 exhibitors showcasing products from every conceivable type of industry in over 1.2 million square metres of space. With so much on offer, how does the novice Fair-goer even know where to start?

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My Ethnic Business Awards finalist thank you speech

I had a great time at the Ethnic Business Awards at Sydney’s Four Seasons Hotel last Monday! It was a great honour to be recognised as a finalist among the many successful businesses established by migrants to Australia.

For the Small Business category for which we were a finalist, Michael Cejnar of MicroPace took the top prize. I want to congratulate him and all the other finalists.

The only regret I had on the night was that I didn’t say my thank you speech on national TV, as there are some really special people I wanted to thank. So, I’m going to do the next best thing and get them to read it on my blog.

Thank you Joseph Assaf and the Ethnic Business Awards team! – The Ethnic Business Awards promotes multiculturalism and embraces ethnic diversity within Australia. We are a better country for what Joseph Assaf and his team have promoted through the EBA.


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Reflections of an Ethnic CEO

I have a secret.

It’s something I do when I catch myself feeling sad, or lonely, or overwhelmed. When I’m apart from my wife and kids, or while I’m away from my other family, the amazing team who work at my company.

I go and stand in front of the mirror for ten minutes, lift my chin, put my shoulders back, and smile at myself. Silly as it probably sounds and definitely looks, it always makes me feel like Rocky after he’s run to the top of the steps. Our bodies and minds are so intrinsically connected that they can’t operate out of balance with each other. So when it feels my body smiling, my mind has no choice but to come up with good reasons why!


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How to Turn Defeat into Victory and Create Happier Employees

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Success awareness tools play a vital role in employee satisfaction in the online workplace. Gary Ng explains how happiness is gained by simply checking off a list!

Can anything compare to the ego-shattering sting of defeat in the workplace? Losing a big deal, seeing that long and painstaking project fall apart at the last minute, or botching a meeting so badly that Donald Trump can almost be heard snickering from across the Pacific Ocean. Most people can only handle so many big disappointments in their jobs before their enthusiasm dulls and they begin looking around for greener pastures. Read More »