Gary Ng

Young Asians Making Their Mark in Australia


Stepping into the business industry, I found that the Australian business community were very quick to accept me. This week I was featured in BBC’s “Generation Asia” broadcast, a documentary exploring how Asian Australians felt about their heritage and their country. I shared with BBC Reporter, Duncan Kennedy, my experiences with living in Australia and being in the business industry. It is evident that Asian Australians are increasingly making their mark in the business and commerce arena and assimilation is no longer a difficult issue for young Asian Australians. To read the article and watch the video click here.

Why Wait for Happiness?


I sucked at school. During my school years in Hong Kong I always found myself at the bottom of the class. It wasn’t until my grandmother took me to Australia that I started embracing my entrepreneurial skills and was eventually introduced to the Internet. My journey from a young and impressionable student to Chief Empowerment Officer for E-Web Marketing  was recently featured in Australia’s Largest Chinese Magazine, New Land Magazine and I would like to share with you excerpts from my story. To download the full article click here. Read More »

How to Have Happiness, Success & Fun


Many people chase after a dream of financial freedom. Not everybody gets there but for those that do they will either reset their financial goals once it is met or realise that true happiness does not always come with a dollar sign. Instead, “happiness is not so much about the goal, but about the growth and learning accomplished throughout the journey to financial success.” I’m going to share with you excerpts about my journey towards success and fulfilment by finding out what truly makes me happy. The full article can be found here. Read More »

Being Flat Can Save You From Flatlining


The world’s leading expert on business strategy, Gary Hamel, has talked about how important it is for businesses to be reinventing the bureaucratic structures and procedures of management in their organisation. Traditional management principles have worked well for companies that value production efficiency but not so well for those that focus on constant innovation and employee engagement. The following is an except about how E-Web Marketing radically changed their company structure, the full article can be found here. Read More »

What are your company’s core value?

Each company have their unique set of rules and values they follow, subsequently this defines what their company culture is. Some company culture are very internally focus, driven by innovations, profits and individual achievements. Whilst another company’s culture could be very customer focus, driven by harmony and not as much profit focused.

Many entrepreneurs I talk to who have expressed the challenge they have experienced with their people and  work cultures. Most of which have yet to defined what their core values are and integrated it as part of their company’s DNA. Read More »

How Work Can Be Cool


Recently, E-Web Marketing made the front cover of The North Shore Times newspaper for being a “worker’s paradise” and Australia’s fourth best workplace for 2012. During our day-to-day, each E-Webber is able to enjoy fun perks such as the mini trampolines, gaming consoles, table tennis table, foosball tables, pool tables and popcorn machine. However, what makes E-Web a truly one of the best places to work in Australia  is our shared values and strong company culture. Read More »

Do you have Superstars on your team?

HSF-team (1)

To accomplish your big business goals, you must realise that it will have to be done with and through people. The next pivotal step is then determining what kind of people you need to select for your company. One of the biggest mistakes that business owners make is hiring individuals that are similar to themselves as opposed to hiring those with the skills and qualities that complement your own. Read More »

Empower your team to think like business owners

At the end of last year, I talked to our team about shifting our mindset from being a team of online marketers to become a team of Intrapreneurs. Recently the Australian Financial Review published a story about this change.


One of the main reason we decided to make this shift is because we wanted to create a team of business minded problem solvers, as opposed to people who are boxed in the scope of their job titles. Read More »

Channel 10 live broadcast at E-Web’s office!

As a result of being recognised as BRW’s Best Place to Work for 3 consecutive years, Channel 10 came to our office to do a live cross during their breakfast show. We were represented by our HSF Ambassador Jeff Yang. Watch the full interview below.

*What’s interesting is that I had no idea Jeff is such a good ping pong player, not missing a single shot whilst able to hold a conversation on national TV. Impressive!

Happy Culture, Happy Profit!

The last few weeks has been a lot of fun and exciting. Been traveling overseas and also presenting at various conferences on work place culture. One think I missed is posting on this blog and sharing my journey with you.

Here is a link on my recent interview with Louis Lautman the founder of the Young Entrepreneur Society, on the topic of Happy Profit, Happy Culture, you can watch the full interview below.