Gary Ng

Drive peak performance from your team by dumping the Performance Review

In my company, E-web Marketing, we do not use the term ‘Performance Review’ because it gets people nervous and overly concerned about it. Instead, we call it ‘Personal Growth Projection’ or PGP. I love it when each person in my team strives to become the best version of themselves. And with that, PGP helps me determine my team’s targets and the relevance of those targets to their role in the company, which gives them the freedom to choose what they want to achieve and empower them to do what they can to achieve their goals. Read on to know more about our version of performance review–the PGP.

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Your To-Do List For Making A Successful Website

About 99% of the people who consult with me about their website do not have a definable outcome for their website. Similar to any business, one must have a target in mind when creating a website. What are you trying to achieve with it? If you don’t have a specific target for your website, how will you determine in measurable terms whether it is successful or not? Your target simply defines your website’s success. Allow me to discuss more about end goals for a successful website.

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Weird Questions You Should Ask For Effective Job Interview

How often have you hired someone only to find out months later they are not a good fit for the company? The Australian estimated that a bad hire will cost you two and a half times the employee’s salary, a figure which goes up even more for high level positions.

So what can you do to better filter out people who are not a good fit for your business?

At E-Web Marketing, we have built in a series of unusual or some may even call it weird set of questions, that is design to reveal the true motivation behind each candidate you interview.

Check out the video and leave a comment!

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BRW Magazine Awards E-Web Marketing For Gamification Innovation

Trying to spread happiness, success and fun in the workplace is one of my chief goals so it really was an honour for E-Web Marketing to be included in the list of Australia’s most innovative companies, especially since it is the smallest company in the top 50 in terms of staff size. The thing is; the premise we use that makes our company such a great place to work in while being successful is incredibly simple!

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Donny Epstein – Awakening with Epstein



There are things in life that you can learn from school, books or courses.
However, there are other things in life that you just have to experience.
Imagine trying to describe what passionate love is to someone who has never experienced it; what words could you use to describe the feeling of butterflies in your stomach to them?

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Have you undervalued what you have achieved over the last 10 years?

For many of us, life is often filled with ‘stuff’ to do.

We are always racing from one thing to the next and even if we have a moment to sit down for a meal, our mind is racing off and we end up checking emails or browsing Facebook.

The worst thing is when you go home to read your children a bedtime story; instead of savouring the precious time you have with your kids, you are trying to race through the pages or worse is if you end up skipping pages in order to get to the end quicker.

Have you experienced the above? I know I certainly have been guilty of this on many occasions.
Have you ever heard of the quote from our friend Bill Gates?

“Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.”

E-Web in the Media

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The Death of Management & Rise of the Employee

ince we have made the decision to get rid of managers and the whole management structure, we have helped empower every person in the company and this in turn has enabled them to become leaders in their area of expertise. Life has never been the same!

Yesterday I was just casually surfing the net, I found a video that was created by the team:
The E-Web Marketing Employee Experience.

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