Stop The Presses! Positive News (For A Change)

Do you want to wake up and be greeted by a positive news story that gets your day off to a great start?

Are you fed up with hearing only the bad things that happen in the world?

Does the constant drip, drip, drip of negativity wear you down and cause you to begin the day depressed and even more tired than you were before bedtime the previous night?

If so, you’re in for a treat if you decide to join my Facebook page which I have called PUNNKY (Positive & Uplifting News Network). I am inviting you to share in other people’s joy.

Nobody wants to watch the news anymore!

Why? Because all they ever hear is bad news 24/7. Okay, I tell a lie, you may get ONE uplifting story a day but it is glossed over in about 2 seconds and sandwiched between an incessant tidal wave of gloom. The media’s attempt to gain more attention through sensationalist headlines in a bid to drive fear into our hearts is wrong and sad. Even the most positive people get dragged down when a dark cloud is perpetually hanging over their heads.

The world does indeed have its fair share of tragedy and the plight and suffering of others should never been swept under the carpet or allowed to drift off the radar. The multitude of burning issues that affects the world need to be brought to our attention if we are ever going to do anything about it. But…

The World Is More Than A Place Of Woe & Sorrow!

Yet we seldom get to hear about it. The world I live in is one of hope and understanding as well as one of fear and suffering. It is a place where freedom exists along with tyranny and is filled with kind-hearted humanitarians every bit as much as it is laden with mean-spirited curmudgeons.

Take Hurricane Sandy for instance. It was a natural disaster that cost many lives and brought America’s East Coast almost to a standstill. It affected thousands of people and altered many people’s lives forever. Yet the media seems desperate to only portray the horror and has not been overly keen to stress the incredibly generosity and spirit of the people involved. The hundreds of stories involving ordinary people with no direct relationship to those affected giving time, money and effort to help others have not been spilled into the mainstream media with nearly as much regularity as they should have.

Where were the stories about kind deeds, sacrifice and a willingness to help others?

What about tales of families and entire communities being brought closer together?

How about anecdotes of strangers seeing a person in need and helping out without a second thought?
The purpose of PUNNKY is to highlight these stories and prove that the milk of human kindness is more abundant that you could ever imagine and greater than what the media will ever have you believe. I want you to wake up every morning and go to work safe in the knowledge that there is goodness in this world. I want you to go to bed each night knowing that hope does exist and that we are only as alone as we allow ourselves to be.

If you enjoy hearing about positive and uplifting stories and love bringing joy into the lives of others, please support PUNNKY by liking the page and sharing it will all your friends and family. While happiness is not exactly a click away, you may find inspiration thanks to PUNNKY and more importantly, because of the efforts of others.

P.S Punnky is not-for-profit initiative created to bring more happiness to this world!

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