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Sam Cawthorn – Surround Yourself with Good People

Did you know that the company you keep make you who you are? This is not only true when it comes to social relationships. For instance, if you aspire to be rich, then hang out with people who earn seven figures! Surrounding yourself with people you admire and aspire to become can actually help turn yourself into the best version of you. In this video, Sam Cawthorn and myself will explain how it works.

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Sam Cawthorn High on Life

Do you love everything in your life right now? Can you say that you are living a happy and rich life? Do you sometimes wonder how some lucky people get to live the perfect life? Well, it’s just not all about luck. Sam C and I share our personal secrets to being high on life and finally, our secrets to living a happy and rich life. Check out the video below.

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What’s More Important In Business? Profit Or Happiness?

When you give more in life you will get more. Yet most people are living their life in a scarcity mentality in order to protect what they have. In business, I hear people say we care about our staff and our customers, yes but when it comes to making more profit, how many businesses would often sacrifice profit for the sake of their staff and customers’ happiness?10454146_311283122383389_1006725073104668654_o

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How to Set Effective Goal and Avoid Common MistakesHow to Set Effective Goal and Avoid Common Mistakes

Are you tired of bearing the stress that goes with your efforts to hit certain goals? Do you often get demoralised, and does your team’s moral get smashed, when you hit numbers that are way below your target? Maybe you’re not setting the right goals. With my OGO standard, you can set better goals – goals that you will be excited to chase and goals that will bring back your self-confidence and raise the morale of your team. Learn about OGO standard now.

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Building the Best Company Culture

Taken from a live Business Blueprint event, in this video I talk about how happiness in your workplace environment can affect your business. I also reveal the steps on how to create a kick-ass work culture giving you hints and tips on how to do this.

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Need to hire a Sales Superstar? You need to know about the “Pen Test”

I have dealt with too many questions about how do I find out whether a candidate is potentially good salesperson. My answer is I let them do the ‘pen test’. If you are familiar with personality profiling, you understand that nobody is 100% in every category. The ‘pen test’ allows me to learn much about a person. Is he the type of person who is quick in taking action or is he the type of person who is more diligent and takes time to assess the situation before taking action. Get yourself ‘pen test’ ready.

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