Are you ready to take charge of your inner growth? | The Untethered Soul – Volume 8

Have you ever decided you want to change, but your habits keep getting in the way? In this volume 8 of The Untethered soul, author Michael Singer explains how both willful intent and surrender can assist us on the spiritual path. With direct candor, he invites you to set the course of your inner growth from a place of deepest clarity, and then learn to release the habitual tendencies that would take you off course. Inner change comes from a place of wisdom and intent. When you make the conscious choice to let go, true transformation takes place.

He then discussed in this volume 8: Taking Charge of Your Inner Growth, that it is truly possible to be completely free from the disturbance of mind, but to get there, you must first clearly understand how the mind works. In this video, author Michael Singer examines the entire process of how and why the mind creates thoughts. He then offers guidance on doing the inner work to keep from being drawn into the noise of the personal mind. By choosing to let go of personal thoughts, you will find yourself naturally living a life of freedom and peace.

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