Gary Ng

About Me

Initially my personal goal was always inwardly focused, to become a millionaire. However over the years, I’ve learnt something that is more dear to my heart and that is to be able to bring Happiness, Success and Fun (HSF) to those around me. This blog is an opportunity for me to share my experiences of creating a happy workplace culture and one of the Best Places to Work in Australia and show how it has positively impacted my business and my life. I founded E-Web Marketing not only with the goal of improving the marketing ROI of clients, but also to prove that happiness and fun in the workplace would ultimately lead to success.

If you work in a company that embraces a happy workplace culture or know of a company that does and has experienced success because of it, please feel free to leave your comments and feedback as I would love to hear from you! It is essential that organisations around the world understand the power of positivity because happy team members really do produce the best results.

I Believe In…
• Passion before profit
• A balance lifestyle where relationship, health, family are just as important
• Team members coming into work with smiles on their faces
• Flexibility for productivity
• The chance to progress in career and in life
• Seeing each workday as a fun adventure rather than a chore
• Not only the pursuit of happiness, but the spreading of it


Proud Accomplishments
• Founding E-Web Marketing
• Building up a workplace culture based on happiness, success and fun
• E-Web Marketing being named as #2 BRW Best Place to Work in Australia behind Google
• Being listed on BRW’s Fast 100 list three years in a row
• Being part of Deloitte Technology’s Fast50 List 5 years in a row
• Receiving a SmartCompany Smart50 Award


Life Beyond E-Web Marketing

Personally, I love coming home to my wife and two children as they are the greatest blessings in my life. Being ‘successful’ is great but having loved ones to share life with is so much better. I truly believe that if you can have fun and derive joy from work, you will take it home with you and are more likely to share your happiness with others. I hope that by reading my blog and discovering how I do things, you too will find happiness at work, at home and everywhere you go.

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