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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Trade in your Expectation for Appreciation!

‘Promoting company culture and improving workplace morale is only something that can be done in a small business.’ This is a common refrain and one which suggests that large corporations are interested only in profit. In the world of business, it seems as if increase in profit is inversely proportional to the promotion of company culture. Small companies start off as a tight-knit group and the owners of the company does everything possible to instill a company ethos. This is done by praising and rewarding staff when necessary. The workplace is more of a family atmosphere as everyone is relaxed and feels comfortable in the presence of everyone else.

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Bedside table to multimillionaire


When I clocked out of my day job and decided to start my own business, I was surviving off instant noodles and spam sandwiches from my bedroom ‘office’. The rise of the internet has enabled the world to run a business outside of the traditional office environment, as a result of this new digital age, I too decided to embrace the opportunities in front of me when I first started E-Web Marketing. To get started I’d put up posters about my business around universities and bus stops and during this start-up phase, majority of my business enquiries would occur around 3-5am in the morning. Looking back, those early morning wake up calls were well worth it.

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